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Regular School Hours:

1st-5th grade:
8:15 AM to 3:00 PM
Lunch 11:05 to 12:05

AM Kindergarten
8:15 AM to 11:05 AM
PM Kindergarten
12:05 PM to 3:00 PM

Student Late Arrival
Instructional Schedule
AM Kindergarten 
9:15 AM to 11:40 AM
PM Kindergarten
12:40 PM to 3:00 PM
Grades 1 - 5
9:15 AM to 3:00 PM

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Office Contacts

Gregor, Beth
Principal bgregor@elmhurst205.org
Holler, Sue
Lead Secretary sholler@elmhurst205.org
Guimon, Eileen
Assistant Secretary eguimon@elmhurst205.org
McNab, Martha
Nurse mmcnab@elmhurst205.org

School Nurse

Robbie Ostling


Emerson' s First PBIS Celebration - All School Dance

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Congratulations Theims Foundation Grant Recipients

Congratulations Mrs. Dvorak, Mrs. Fritz, Mrs. Guziewski, Mrs. Kissel and Dr. Lessard for being awarded the following grants to benefit Emerson students!

IXL 4 All      $550                                                                                        

Christine Dvorak, Jennice  Fritz, Kelly Guziewski ,Christine Kissel

This grant provides access to the computer based IXL program in Language Arts for each fourth grade student to use at home and at school.  IXL is a highly motivating individualized program that provides instant feedback to students, parents, and teachers.  District students use IXL for math, and piloting the language arts version will allow staff and students to work with the software and evaluate it as a potential resource for extended use. 

Keeping the Spark Glowing: BrainPop 4  (partial) $6,665                   


Karla Talbot and K-8 Librarians

BrainPOP is an online multi-media subscription database that features hundreds of animated movies with formative assessments and curriculum extensions for younger students. Funded for all elementary schools by the Foundation since 2010, this popular resource is used by classroom and resource teachers, media specialists and students with over 9,500 unique visits logged between May and December 2013. This grant extends the 24/7 including home use subscription for an additional year at the elementary level.


STEM Injection for Elementary Libraries: It Won’t Hurt, Just a Little Pressure. 


Mary Greska,  Donna Dewar, Vicky Lessard, Margaret Lewis, Nicolette Vaillancourt, Emily Walton, Caroline Weaver

The proceeds from this grant will be used to inject new and engaging non-fiction titles geared for third through fifth grade students. Seven libraries will receive thirty to forty- five new books intended to provoke student curiosity and interest in STEM related topics. (Field Elementary opted out due to previously earmarked funds for this purpose).

Emerson News

Time For Kindergarten and New to First Grade Enrollment for 2014-15
If you have a child ready for kindergarten (five before September 1, 2014) or a new student enrolling in first grade for 2014-15 and did not attend the recent District 205 new student enrollment days, please enroll now. It is important that the Di... Continue
Posted by: Melea Smith
Published: 2/21/14

Earth Ambassadors Visit Elmhurst Village Council

Over the last two years, the Earth Ambassadors have quietly campaigned to bring recycling receptacles to sidewalks in Elmhurst business districts and public spaces. On March 17, Earth Ambassador student representatives brought their campaign to City Council and invite city leaders to view their video production, "ReQUEST to Recycle."  See pictures and read more.


Explore the Universe - Begin with the Sun at Emerson

Stop by and explore the universe! The Emerson PTA is proud to announce that the solar system has come to Elmhurst. Using the Emerson Outdoor Classroom as a base, a scale model of the solar system has been created. The model includes all fourteen major solar system bodies including the five dwarf planets of Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake and Eris. In the model, the sun is located in the Emerson Outdoor Classroom and is 18 inches in diameter. Eris, the farthest planet, is located at Edison School. Each planet's location has a large sign that contains a picture of the planet, its actual comparative size (to scale), scientific facts, the origin of the planet’s name and a map showing where each planet is placed in Elmhurst. The planets are located at Emerson, Edison, Hawthorne and York schools, Berens and Plunkett Parks and Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Church. Many thanks to District 205, the Elmhurst Park District and Mary Queen of Heaven for their support in making this endeavor possible.

Learn more and find a key to the planet location.

Lunch Information

Students and teachers have lunch between 11:05-12:05 daily.  Grades 1, 2 and Mrs. Oliver and Ms. Simon's classes will have lunch first- from 11:05-11:35. Grades 4, 5 and Mrs. Bradley and Mrs. Quinn's ...more

Upcoming Important Dates

Dates to Remember

April 18 - No School
April 18 - Yearbook Orders Due (The books can be ordered online at www.treering.com/validate (The Emerson code is 1013486722024887)
April 22 - Earth Day
April 22 - 6:00 pm - Emerson Singers present "Music Matters"
April 24 - 1st grade Field Trip - Zoo
April 24 -5:30-7:00 pm -  BRAG Night
April 25 - Ice Cream Social (sponsored by Student Council)
April 28 - New Kindergarten/1st Grade Orientation Tours and Q & A
April 29 - 5th grade Field Trip – Play

April 30 - Kindergarten Field Trip
May 1 - 1:00 pm - Grade 2 Spring Sing - "Singing in the Spring"
May 1 - 2:00 pm  - Grade 1 Spring Sing - "All About Animals"
May 1 - 5th grade Field Trip - Churchville Orientation
May 1 - 7:00 pm - Parent Orientation at Churchville for 5th - 6th grade Transition
May 6 - Crossing Guard Appreciation Day
May 9 - Bike to School Day
May 9 - Fairy Tale Follies Performance
May 15 - 2nd Grade Field Trip
May 16 - Geography Day (sponsored by Student Council)
May 16 - 4th Grade to Lizzadro Museum

see Emerson Events for additional calendar items


Enrollment: 525

Event Calendar

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Caryl Witt - Star Educator - October 2013

On October 9, 2013, Caryl Witt was recognized by Kickoff for Kids as the "Star Educator" for October. Mrs. Witt, a First Grade teacher at Emerson School, was presented with a plaque and gift card for ...more

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2013-2014 School Year

Help our Earth ...

I would like to encourage everyone to walk to school as often as possible. This is not only better for our environment but also will help with the traffic congestion. Please remember that we are a ...more

Emerson's Mission

Emerson will create a safe, respectful environment where students are empowered to be responsible and take risks. Through cooperative efforts, staff, students, and families will promote life-long learning and provide for individual needs.