Grade Level Links

Kindergarten Links

Make a Gingerbread House! Click the link below to design a gingerbread house.

Decorate a House! Click the link below to decorate a house with lights.

First Grade Links

Plants Vs. Zombies

Click the link to code the Plants Vs. Zombies coding game!

Second Grade Links

Trick or Treat

Click on the link below to play a trick or treat game!


Word Clouds

Click the link below to create a word cloud!

Third Grade Links


What's the best way to search for information online? Use a great keyword for your research question! A few tips:

  • Make sure your keywords are specific (don't use little words like the, a, on)
  • Use quotation marks around words that go together ("Chicago Cubs")
  • Sometimes your best keywords can be found in your research question

Click on the link below to play a game and test your online search skills.

Call Number Shelf Order Games

Think you know how books are organized on our library shelves? Try these games to test your skills!

Shelver! - Mrs. Lodge's Library - Click New Game, Fiction or Dewey, and a number of books. Put them in order and check your work by clicking "Check My Shelf" at the top of the screen.

Fiction Call Number Order - St. Joseph's Library - Click the blue link for the example that is in the correct order.

Fiction Call Number Order - Quia - Click on "Play this game!" box.

Chicago Landmark Research

Click the links below to access websites, images, and videos on selected Chicago Landmarks. 

The Willis Tower - information - information - video - image - information and video

The John Hancock Center - information - information

Picasso’s Sculpture - information – information

The Water Tower - information - information and images - image - image - image

Harold Washington Library - information - information and video - video

Chicago Cultural Center  - information - video

The Thompson Center - information - information  - video

Fourth Grade Links

State Research

Subscription Databases


Select States Edition

Encyclopedia Britannica

Select World Atlas - United States

Free Online Resources

America’s Story from America’s Library

Enchanted Learning


Includes advertising. Ignore ads that pop up on the sides of the page. 


Wilson and Ditch Digging America

Includes a video and “blog” entry for 20 cities from across the United States. 


State ResearchState Landmark QR Code Project

National Park Service - Plan Your Adventure

Use the link above to identify landmarks in your state and choose one you will "visit" for your QR code quiz. 

Britannica Image Quest

Use the link above to access Britannica ImageQuest where you can search for a photo of your state's landmark. 


Biome Research

Kids Do Ecology

Click on the name of the biome you are studying in the box halfway down the page. The link will take you to a full article on your biome.

Missouri Botanical Garden

Click on the image for the biome you are studying. Once, on the page, click on the links at the left to learn more! 


Biome Research


Search for images of your biome and/or animals living in your biome by keyword. 


Build a Biome

Click on this link to play a the Build a Biome game and test your biome knowledge! 


Fifth Grade Links

Biography Research

Use the following resources to research the person you chose for the 5th grade biography project. 

Britannica Online

Factcite (login and password needed - see Mrs. Blanford for more information)

Grolier Online


Titanic Passenger Research

Use the following links to research your selected Titanic passenger and complete your boarding pass. 

Titanic Passenger List

Use this webpage to choose a passenger by class, age, gender, and role on board. 

Titanic Biographies

Use this webpage to research your selected passenger and find the necessary information. Look at basic facts, photographs, and articles attached. 

Titanic Onboard

Use these webpages to access information about eating, sleeping, accommodations, and activities on board the Titanic. Fill in the information that fits your passenger's class. 


Who Was Biographies

Click the following link to take a quiz to test your knowledge of the famous people featured in the "Who Was?" series.