Effective school research says for success in schools we should:  

1.Include high expectations for student success.

2.Build positive relationships with students.

3.Create consistent, predictable classroom routines.

4.Teach students how to behave successfully.

5.Provide frequent positive feedback.

6.Correct misbehavior in a calm, consistent, and logical manner.

CHAMPS is a positive proactive approach to classroom management that helps provide structures for positive outcomes in the classroom.  CHAMPS will help your kids be more successful in school. CHAMPS allows teachers to positively reinforce, thus creating a most established rapport with their students. 

CHAMPS in the Bathroom

Champs in the bathroom is very simple. Students should follow the simple steps of

Go Flush Wash Leave
All of the bathrooms have the expectations posted.

C onversation

CHAMPS - Working in the Hallway

Students work in the hallway with each other, with teachers and with parents. Their expectations are clear and made by their teachers. Parents- when you work in the hallway you need to follow the expectations also.


Voice level 0 (silent), 1 (soft whisper), or 2 (whisper with a voice) according to teacher’s directions.

Discuss only the activity to be completed with peers from your class.


Ask a classmate for help if allowed.

Return to classroom and follow teacher’s expectations.


Complete assigned activity.


Display movement appropriate to assigned activity.

Sit or stand near classroom door.

Remain close to lockers.


Complete assigned task.

Maintain proximity to classroom and lockers.


Emerson Eagles soar to success!

CHAMPS - What will I see?

In Emerson hallways, bathrooms and the lunchroom there are posters clearly stating the expectations for that space. There are expected voice levels. Teachers remind students of their voice levels. All teachers in the building are using the same expectations. If a kindergarten teacher sees a 5th grade student and says that the voice level should be 0- those students are aware of what that means.

There are also posters with the CHAMPS expectations. The teachers agreed on the expectations that are framed for all of these areas. 






S- success

Students learned about these expectations the first day of school and are reminded of what their expectations are many times a day.

How is it working? After one week of school students are in the classrooms ready to begin their day sooner. The bathrooms are not a place to linger, the congestion in the hallway has lessened because students are moving from one place to another with purpose and in the lunchroom students are happier with more time to eat and talk with their neighbors.

CHAMPS - Walking in the Hallway

Students walking in the hallway should move from one place to another and not linger or take the longest route. CHAMPS expectations make it clear the purpose.


Voice level 0 (silent) or 1 (soft whisper).

Use a soft whisper only when allowed by teacher.


Wait until you reach your destination.

Approach an adult for help in an emergency.


Walk from one place to another.


Walk in single file line on the right side of the hall.

Face forward.

Hands at side.

On steps: Hold railing with right hand.

Step on every stair.


Walk directly from one destination to the next.


 Emerson Eagles soar to success!