Lunch Procedures

Our lunchroom is divided into 3 lunch times. 11:05-11:25 grades 1 and 5 eat their lunch, from 11:35-11:55 grades 2 and 3 and from 12:05-12:25 grade 4 eats their lunch. We have CHAMPS expectations for all children in the lunchroom. Please help us teach your children how to be responsible in the lunchroom by reinforcing this at home. 


          Voice level 3 (Normal talking
          Talk with peers sitting directly next to you and within close proximity.
          Voice level 0 (silent) for one minute if table receives a red strip.
          Voice level remains 0 (silent) for the remainder of lunch if three red strips are received.


          Ask a conversation neighbor for help.
          Raise your hand and wait for adult assistance.
          Continue eating until you receive help.


          Eat your own lunch.
          Use your best manners.
          Clean up your area.


          Get lunch.
          Stay in seat.
          Raise your hand to: go to bathroom, get a drink, or get additional food items.
          Throw away garbage and recyclables at designated clean up time.                   


            Remain in seat.
            Eat lunch.
            Talk quietly with peers in close proximity.
            Clean up your area.



            Emerson Eagles soar to success!          

Children can earn SOAR slips for modeling good behavior in the lunchroom:

S-Show Respect
  • Use appropriate voice levels (only loud enough to speak to neighbors)
  • Use table manners
  • Ask permission appropriately
  • Keep hands and feet to self
  • Wait in line patiently
O-Offer Kindness
  • Take turns
  • Assist your neighbor
A-Act Responsibly
  • Follow directions
  • Keep your area clean
  • Carefully carry your food to your table
  • Sit in your assigned area
  • Eat your own food
R-Reach for success
  • Take care of your lunch card
  • Make healthy choices