Welcome to Emerson's ELL Program

We are very excited to welcome new and current ELL students at Emerson. There are many things to look forward to throughout the year. This year our ELL staff includes the following:

Mrs. Mitchell

Mrs. Desai

Mrs. Garcia

Ms. Leiber

ELL Grades

Each ELL student will receive an ELL report card. These grades are representative of the progress we see your child making in each of the language domains: reading, writing, listening and speaking. It is possible for students to receive different grades from the ELL specialist and the classroom teachers. This is because the classroom teacher has to grade each student based on grade level expectations and in relation to other students in the grade.

In ELL we grade on an individual basis - only looking at one child and the progress they've made. It is possible that a student will show adequate progress but not yet be at grade level standard. If we are concerned we will share this with you. Otherwise, please know that we are aware of the progression that language learning takes and we feel confident your child will succeed. If you would prefer to conference with us to discuss anything in more depth, please let me know.

New ELL Resource - Imagine Learning

At this point in the school year, your child has the opportunity to develop more advanced English language skills using computers. Our school has made available a new software program called Imagine Learning. Imagine Learning uses videos, stories, songs, conversations, games, art projects, and recordings to engage students. Step-by-step, your child will deepen knowledge of vocabulary words, phrases, and sentences, while experiencing the rhythm, cadence, and sequence of language.

Here are some ways you can help your child learn at home:

---visit go.imaginelearning.com and help your child log in and use the program. If your child forgot the login, please feel free to email us.

• Review lesson vocabulary with your child.

• Listen to your child sing or say the chants.

• At the kindergarten level, point out letters and ask your child their names and sounds.

• Review conversational vocabulary that your child has learned.

We hope you will participate in the excitement as your child develops deeper and more complex English language skills. Your interest encourages your child’s success.

Some Websites to Visit!

Below are some sites you and your child may enjoy throughout the year:

ELL Bilingual Program

District 205 has two transitional programs for English Language Learners who need language and content assistance. A screening and testing program qualify students for these programs, general ...more

FREE English Classes Offered to District 205 Families

Every Fall and Spring our district offers Free English classes to ANY District 205 families.  The classes are through College of DuPage and will meet right here in town at Conrad Fischer Elementary School.  Details are below. A detailed flyer can also be found in the resources tab.