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Week of 5/6/19:     

  •  Comprehension Skills:
    • Ask and Answer Questions
  •  Phonics Skills:
    • /kn/ /qu/ 

Week of 5/13/19:  

  •  Comprehension Skills:
    • Inferencing
  • Word Wall Words:
    • 100 Word Assessment
  •  Phonics Skills:
    • Phonics Assessment

Week of 5/20/19 and 5/27/19:  

  •  Comprehension Skills:
    • Fiction, Non-Fiction: Story Retelling, Main Idea and Details


High Frequency Words

First page of the PDF file: HighFrequencyWords12

Module 4 Parent Tip Sheet

First page of the PDF file: Module4ParentTipSheet

Students should know how to tie their own shoes.  Some suggestions to help with the process include:

  • Be patient
  • Give lots of praise
  • Try to practice each day
  • Be sure the laces are long enough for small hands to grasp

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.
--george washington carver

Students continue to learn about our world through the discovery of continents and oceans. The identification and location of the seven continents and the five oceans will be our focus this last month.

Specials Schedule

Monday - PE

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Music

Thursday - Library

Friday - Music, PE





Your child's birthday is a special event in your child's life.  While birthday treats are not expected, District 205 has instituted a non-edible treat policy for birthdays.  If you wish to send  a treat, some suggestions might include: a pencil, stickers, or erasers.g



District 205 supports "snack breaks" as an important part of a student's day.  A nutritional snack provides essential nutrients for the brain and also additional energy to stay attentive in class.  I am asking for your support by providing your child with a daily nutritious snack. Snacks should be small, non messy, and ready to eat.  Items such as fresh fruit, pretzels, crackers, and vegetables are appropriate choices. Please do not send cookies, candy, "fruit snacks", or chips as they will not be permitted.  We are a nut free classroom!