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Hello! My name is Lindsey Niggins and I am a kindergarten teacher at Emerson Elementary School. Welcome to Emerson School! I am really looking forward to working with you and your child this school year. On this website you will find information pertaining to our classroom as well as the school. In addition to this website, a classroom newsletter will be sent out weekly. Please check this website frequently for up to date information. I look forward to a wonderful school year! 

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Important Information

Upcoming Dates

October 21st: Picture Retake Day (please let me know if your child is getting their picture retaken!)

October 23rd: Late Arrival Day

October 25th: Fall Fest at Emerson from 6:00-8:00pm

October 31st: Student Council Sponsored “Special Day” - Crazy Hat Day!

November 1st: Student Council Sponsored “Special Day” - Pajama Day!

November 8th: End of Trimester 1

November 15th: Miss Niggins absent all day

November 20th: Late Arrival Day

November 22nd: Report Cards sent home—more information to come about accessing report cards!


2019-2020 District Calendar

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School Phone: (630) 834-5562

Please notify the office if your child will be absent or late. 

Classroom Information

At Home Practice

In kindergarten, at home practice is an important factor in mastering skills. With such a short school day, practicing kindergarten skills at home is essential for student success. The following is a list of activities that can be done at home to help children master these skills. These activities are not mandatory, but are highly recommended!

-Reading: Students should be practicing reading every day! Students can work on tracking print from left to write and attempting to read short words. Being read to is also great practice! Try to read at least 10-15 minutes a day!

-Math: Math concepts are simple to practice at home! Practice counting by ones, tens, and fives. Recognize shapes at the store, at home, and at the park. Work on one-to-one correspondence by pointing to each item counted. Practice decomposing (taking apart) numbers by identifying different groups numbers can be broken up into. For example, the number 5 can be made with a group of 2 and a group of 3. 

-Raz Kids: Raz Kids is an online database that allows students to read, listen to, and answer questions about stories. This is a fantastic website and great practice for literacy! The username is lniggins0 and then click on your child's name. You can access via the "Helpful Websites" link above.


Birthdays are a special time in kindergarten! Our school policy, however, does not allow food items to be brought into the classroom for birthday celebrations. Acceptable non-food items are welcomed such as pencils, erasers, stickers, a donation of a class book, etc.

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Specials are activities that students attend outside of the classroom. Kindergarten students will have the opportunity to attend gym, music, art, and library one time a week. Please make sure your child has an art smock (an old t-shirt works perfectly!) and a pair of gym shoes labeled with their name to be left at school to be used on days when we have art and gym. Specials schedule is listed below.



Morning Kindergarten:                              Afternoon Kindergarten:               

Monday: No Special                                      Monday: P.E

Tuesday: P.E                                                   Tuesday: Library

Wednesday: Art                                             Wednesday: No Special

Thursday: Music                                            Thursday: No Special

Friday: Library                                                Friday: Art and Music

Helpful Websites

Listed below are some fun and engaging websites your child can visit for additional practice!

Raz Kids



Counting Game

Storyline Online - Books read aloud

Jolly Phonics Songs

Pick Up/Drop Off Procedures

Our classroom is unique in that we have our own entrance and exit door! Students will enter and exit through door #10 which is across from the Emerson School sign near the front playground. Parents or caretakers must accompany students in line before entering the building! This is for your child's safety as there is not supervision at that time. If there is a change in your child's regular pick-up routine please notify me via email or written consent before the beginning of the school day. 

Kindergarten School Day:

Morning Kindergarten: 8:15-11:05 AM (Bell rings at 8:10 for students to enter the school)

Afternoon Kindergarten: 12:05-3:00 PM

Once a month on a Wednesday teachers partake in meetings. On this day, students arrive to school later than usual. Below is the late start schedule:

Morning Kindergarten: 9:45-11:55 AM

Afternoon Kindergarten: 12:55-3:00 PM

Occupational Therapy Recommendations

Mrs. Pollack, Emerson's Occupational Therapist, writes a blurb in our Friday newsletters once a month with recommendations for strengthening essential skills in kindergarten! Linked below are past recommendations!

October Recommendations