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Kawa, Elizabeth

2nd Grade Teacher ekawa@elmhurst205.org


Classroom Information

Specials Schedule



Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: P.E., Music

Thursday: Library 

Friday: Music, P.E    

Homework Schedule



Monday: Reading Folder and Spelling List home

Wednesday:  Writing Journal due tomorrow

Thursday: Study for Spelling Test

Friday:  Home Journal comes home

Classroom Helpers

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We love celebrating birthdays in second grade!

Our school policy, however, does not allow food treats to be brought into the classroom. If your child would still like to bring in a treat, non-food items may be brought in. Examples include pencils, erasers, bookmarks, stickers, etc.



Allergy Note

Everyday in second grade we enjoy a snack. Water bottles will be allowed as long as they do not become a distraction. Please encourage your student to bring in a healthy snack each day to enjoy as we work.


2nd Grade

Important Dates:

August 28th--Late Arrival 9:45 am

August 29th-- Curriculum Night!

September 11th- Late Arrival 9:45 am

Reading Levels

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Classroom News


This week we spent time reading all of the books that are nominated for the Monarch Award. Ask your child to tell you about his or her favorite book! We also learned how to use Raz Kids, an online program for Reading.


This week we started our first module of the year! We are starting the year with Module 3, which focuses on place value! This week we talked about ones, tens, and hundreds. We also practiced using Zearn. Your child can access Zearn at home but visiting zearn.org and clicking "Sign in with Goggle." Students should use their log-in number followed by @elmhurst205.org. 


In Writing, we spent time working practicing our printing skills! Next week we will be beginning our first unit of the year, which is all about narrative writing.

Science/Social Studies

Our first science unit of the year will focus on matter! We will be watching some engaging videos and working on some exciting activities to learn about the properties of different materials.

Coming Up

Reading: Making Connections

Writing: Narrative

Math: Place Value

Science/Social Studies: Properties of Matter