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Kawa, Elizabeth

2nd Grade Teacher ekawa@elmhurst205.org


Classroom Information

Specials Schedule


Monday: Art 

Tuesday: P.E, Music

Wednesday: Library


Friday: Music, P.E    

Homework Schedule



Monday: Reading Folder and Spelling List home

Wednesday:  Writing Journal due tomorrow

Thursday: Study for Spelling Test

Friday:  Home Journal comes home

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We love celebrating birthdays in second grade!

Our school policy, however, does not allow food treats to be brought into the classroom. If your child would still like to bring in a treat, non-food items may be brought in. Examples include pencils, erasers, bookmarks, stickers, etc.



Allergy Note

Everyday in second grade we enjoy a snack. Water bottles will be allowed as long as they do not become a distraction. Please encourage your student to bring in a healthy snack each day to enjoy as we work.


2nd Grade

Important Dates:

April 19th--No School

April 24th--Late Arrival 9:45 am

April 25th--Spring Open House 5:30-7:00 pm

April 26th--Pajama Day!

May 3rd--Class Color Day

May 3rd--Fairy Tale Follies!!


Reading Levels

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Classroom News


This week we read nonfiction passages that went along with the fiction books we read last week. We used the fiction texts to help us understand the nonfiction texts a little better.  We also worked on using context clues to help us figure out the meaning of unknown words. During the week we finished our read aloud called The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Ask your child to tell you what happened Edward the rabbit at the end of the story! Our new read aloud is called Sideways Stories from Wayside School. This school has some crazy students and teachers!!


In Math, we continued working on Module 7. In this module students are learning about measuring, money, and graphing. This week worked on money. Please take some time to practice using coins with your child. Ask him or her to add up the amount of groups of coins. Students should be able to add up amounts of money, make certain amounts of money, and make change. Visit the math section of our website to read more about what we are working on!


This week, we finished writing our opinions about the best type of plant.We worked on making our reasons stronger and longer. Next week we will continue to work on opinion writing!

Science/Social Studies

We are almost finished with our plant unit! Next week we will be starting our new social studies unit. In this unit we will learn all about how communities change over time. We will also be learning about the history of Elmhurst!

Coming Up

Reading: Context Clues

Writing: Opinion Writing

Math: Measuring, Money, and Graphing

Social Studies: How Communities Change Over Time