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Valdez, Claudia

2nd Grade Teacher


Classroom Information

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Specials Schedule

Music: Monday and Tuesday

Gym: Monday and Tuesday

Art: Wednesday

Library: Friday


Homework Schedule



Monday: Reading Folder and Spelling List home

Wednesday:  Writing Journal due tomorrow

Thursday: Study for Spelling Test

Friday:  Home Journal comes home



We love celebrating birthdays in second grade!

Our school policy, however, does not allow food treats to be brought into the classroom. If your child would still like to bring in a treat, non-food items may be brought in. Examples include pencils, erasers, bookmarks, stickers, etc.



Allergy Note

Everyday in second grade we enjoy a snack. Water bottles will be allowed as long as they do not become a distraction. Please encourage your student to bring in a healthy snack each day to enjoy as we work.




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10/20/17 2:46 PM - Claudia Valdez


10/20/17 2:48 PM - Claudia Valdez

Eureka Math

9/16/16 1:50 PM - Claudia Valdez

Fuel the Brain

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Fun Brain

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Go Noodle

3/20/15 5:15 PM - Claudia Valdez

Listen to a Story

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Math Cafe

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Math Games

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Math Practice

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RAZ Kids

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Room Recess

10/20/17 2:51 PM - Claudia Valdez

Spelling City

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Time for Kids

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Xtra Math

8/30/13 11:16 AM - Claudia Valdez

Zearn Math

10/20/17 2:47 PM - Claudia Valdez

MAP Practice


Here are a couple great websites to practice reading and math skills at home! You will be directed to an appropriate level based on your child's MAP score.  Click on your RIT range that you need to work on.  Always round up if needed.

Click here for reading practice

Click here for math practice

These allow users to go to the reading and math MAP levels for their students.  The Test Tutor has question and answer quizzes to practice recognition of figures of speech, literacy elements, vocabulary building and prefixes and suffixes.  Once the path has been set for the desired skill, students can easily work through at their own reading level for practice. 

Math is similar with computation, number sense, place value, estimation, and probability - all the items that are covered on the MAP tests organized according to the student's score. 

2nd Grade

Important Dates

May 21- 2nd Grade Picnic Berens Park

May 23-All school lunch outside

May 27- No School

May 31- Last Day of School dismal @ 11:15

Classroom News

Class Targets

Targets for the week:



Math Targets Module 8-

I can measure length using a ruler, measuring tape, yardstick, or meter stick.

I can tell and write time using analog/digital clock to the nearest five minutes.

I can recognize and draw shapes with different qualities.

I can identify triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, and cubes.

I can divide circles and rectangles into equal shares.

I can describe fractions by their parts and wholes.

I can recognize that equal shares do not have to be from the same shape.

I can count within 1,000.

I can skip count by 5’s, 10’s, and 100’s.

I can add and subtract to 100 using different strategies.

I can add and subtract two digit numbers using different strategies.



2nd graders have been very busy in Reading! This week we continued working on main idea and details. We also worked on different strategies to figure out the meaning of different words. The upcoming week we will working on reviewing all the major skills we worked on in 2nd grade. I can't believe we are at the end of the school year. How time flies when you are having a fun time. 


This week we finished module 7. We started working on module 8. Module 8 focuses on shapes and fractions. We will continue working on module 8 until the last day of school. 


In Writing, we continued working on our opinion letters. This week we continued on making our opinion writing letter stronger and longer. For the last few days of school we will be focusing on cursive letters during writing time and some creative writing. 

Science/Social Studies

In social studies, we talked about how Elmhurst was back then and how it has changed. We will continue talking about how communities change and why they change. 

Coming Up

Reading: review

Writing: cursive 

Math: shapes and fractions

Social Studies- How communities change over time.