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Welcome to Third Grade

Isabella, Lilah, Nicole, Alissa, Richard, Olivia, Claire, Niccholas, Nathan, Gianna, Henry, Samantha, Lily, Sydney, Eamon, Gabriel, Alaina, Jake, Dominic, Oliver R., Xavi, Sofia, Talia, Adelyn, Oliver S., Cameron, Tobias and Nico.

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Weekly News

Happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable four-day weekend.  In math we have moved onto Module 4.  This module focuses on area.  It’s fairly short and doesn’t even have a mid-module assessment.  We had our last student take the End of Module 1 test, so those results will go home this Wednesday.  For science, we will begin checking out the six simple machines.  Everyone will be given a simple machine to bring to class and we’ll share them next week.  You’ll get your new vocabulary/spelling words on Tuesday, but we won’t have the spelling test until next Monday.  Hopefully that will give everyone enough time to learn how to spell the words and practice using them.  It’s time to finish our personal narratives and everyone is getting very close.  This week we will continue working on revising and editing.  In reading our focus will still be on fictional stories, but we’ll practice inferring and identifying themes.  We will also begin working on our Story Elements Wind Socks!  Have a beautiful week.


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