Kelly Guziewski

Welcome to Third Grade

Isabella, Lilah, Nicole, Alissa, Richard, Olivia, Claire, Niccholas, Nathan, Gianna, Henry, Samantha, Lily, Sydney, Eamon, Gabriel, Alaina, Jake, Dominic, Oliver R., Xavi, Sofia, Talia, Adelyn, Oliver S., Tobias, Nico and Ranyea.

Weekly News

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you and your families are staying healthy!  If you are looking for some things to do over spring break, here are a few ideas to keep you sharp:)

Read three times a day, and talk about it or write about it:)  Practice, practice, practice!

Go outside three times a day and...enjoy:)  Our bodies and minds need it!

Write everyday!  Anything you want, but write long and strong:)

Practice your breathing techniques, teach someone how to do it:)

Do some math!  Practice your facts, learn how to tell time on an analog clock, use your fraction knowledge to do some cooking.

Above all else, be super nice to your family!!!!