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Welcome to Third Grade

Isabella, Lilah, Nicole, Alissa, Richard, Olivia, Claire, Niccholas, Nathan, Gianna, Henry, Samantha, Lily, Sydney, Eamon, Gabriel, Alaina, Jake, Dominic, Oliver R., Xavi, Sofia, Talia, Adelyn, Oliver S., Tobias and Nico.

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Weekly News

Happy Tuesday:)  I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend.  We have four days filled with a nice combination of hard work and fun.  On Wednesday we’ll complete our first Mystery Science lesson and I know we will learn a lot and it’s definitely going to be fun.  We are going to create a simulation that will demonstrate how we know the Earth orbits the Sun.  In math we will continue exploring fractions.  There’s lots of new vocabulary, so we will practice using all our new words during our discussions.  Everyone will receive new spelling words and since we have a short week, our test will be next Monday.  We will also begin creating a table of contents for our informational piece of writing.  On Thursday you will have the opportunity to select reference books on your topic during library time.  It’s time to pick your topic! I’m hoping we can get outside for TDPE this week; I think it’s going to be nice.  We should finish our reading assessments this week and we’ll continue practicing summarizing.   Have a focused week:)