The mission of Emerson Elementary School is to create a safe, respectful environment where students are empowered to be responsible and take risks. Through cooperative efforts, staff, students, and families will promote life-long learning and provide for individual needs

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Hello Emerson Families!

We are finishing our September theme of Kindness and starting our October theme next week! October is National Anti-Bullying month, and to kick it off, next week is school spirit week! Please see the Important Dates section below for details.

As we end the month of September, I want to thank all of you for prioritizing student attendance because it matters.  Our school team is excited to see your child/ren every day! Getting into the habit of daily attendance is important now more than ever.  Missing two days per month would add up to 18 absences per year - that’s around 10% of the school year!  Daily attendance helps to: 

  • reduce student stress 
  • make it easier to connect with friends and teachers 
  • support learning and student growth 

As a reminder, we want students unpacked and in their seats by 8:15 each morning.  Please contact Mrs. Chmura or me if you need support in getting your child to school.  We will do our best to listen and partner with you so that our students continue to have a successful year.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Sheleen DeLockery, Principal

Hello Emerson Families!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this beautiful weather! Recess has been so much fun to enjoy!

As we continue establishing routines, we would like to ask families to help remind our students what they need each day (backpack, lunch, charged device, water, extra layer, etc.) and to refrain from dropping off "nice to have" items (water bottle, extra layer, etc.) if it's forgotten. This adds disruptions to class and our daily schedule, and we want to instill responsibility for remembering items. Thank you for your help!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Sheleen DeLockery, Principal

Hello Emerson Families!

I hope everyone is having a great week!  Second and fifth grade students began MAP testing this week; NWEA MAP testing is an adaptive test taken in both reading and math to identify skills your child has mastered and skills your child is ready to learn. The MAP window closes September 22nd, so look for test results to be shared within 1-2 weeks afterwards.  

We had our lockdown, severe weather, and fire drill this morning and students did very well!  Our Eagles listened to their trusted adults for directions, and I am very proud of them!  Our primary goal for all of these drills is that they know to listen to trusted adults and feel comfortable with the procedures.  

As I shared in August, our school theme for the year is "Be Kind."  Each morning, we have a kindness challenge for students on the announcements; today's was: 

Have you ever heard the saying "Think before you speak?"  Did you know that the word THINK can be used as an acronym?  Before you speak, THINK of these things:

  • T - is it true?
  • H - is it helpful?
  • I - is it inspiring?
  • N - is it necessary?
  • K - is it kind?

Using this acronym to THINK before you speak can help you remember to say kind words to others.  

I encourage you to talk with your child/ren today about the THINK acronym and how it can be used every day to think before we speak.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Sheleen DeLockery, Principal

Hello Emerson Families!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Curriculum Night on Tuesday!  It was great to be able to share all the wonderful things happening in our district and at Emerson.  As I shared Tuesday evening, District 205 has provided Student Handbooks in an electronic format this year.  All families should take time to review the contents of the Handbook and then provide a digital signature at this link.

I also wanted to share some reminders that keeps our students safe while on Emerson's grounds - thank you in advance for your cooperation!

  • Motorized and non-motorized bikes and scooters must be walked while on property.
  • Please utilize sidewalks and crosswalks while on property and avoid walking through the parking lot.
  • No pets are allowed on property; if you bring a pet for drop off or pick up, please remain at our property border which is along the sidewalk on West Avenue, the fencing on the north and west sides of the building, and just south of the front playground and pavilion on the south side of the building.  

Have a great long weekend!
Sheleen DeLockery, Principal

Hello Emerson Families!

I hope everyone has been able to keep cool these past couple days!!  We had indoor recess yesterday and today, but today we were able to get everyone into the gym to get the wiggles out and run off some energy!  It looks like we are back to normal temperatures tomorrow so we will be back outside for recess.  As always, please encourage your child to dress in layers since different parts of the school can vary in temperature.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming Curriculum Night this Tuesday, August 29th!  We will begin together in the gym at 6:00 PM for the Principals' and PTA message; classroom teacher sessions will then be from 6:45-7:15 and 7:20-7:50.  We encourage you to leave children at home since this night is presentation style, but if childcare is an issue, we'd rather have you bring them than not come at all!  

Have a fantastic weekend!
Sheleen DeLockery, Principal

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