Lunch Procedures

Our lunchtime is divided into 3 lunch/recess blocks.  Students who go home for lunch must go for the full hour.  Adult guardians must come to the main office to sign the child out for lunch; when the child returns, they can sign in for the remainder of the day.  

  • Kindergarten/1st Grade: 11:25-12:25

  • 2nd Grade/3rd Grade 10:50-11:50 

  • 4th Grade/5th Grade 12:05-1:05

We use the phrase, "Be respectful, be responsible, and be engaged," as part of our school wide expectations.  Please help us teach your child how to be responsible in the lunchroom by reinforcing this at home. 


  • Voice level 2 (Indoor, conversational voices)

  • Talk with peers sitting directly next to you and within close proximity.

  • Use your best manners.

  • Listen to the supervisors' directions.


  • Clean up your area.

  • Throw away garbage and recyclables at designated clean up time.      

  • Ask a conversation neighbor for help.

  • Raise your hand if you need adult assistance.

  • Continue eating until you receive help.


  • Come into the lunchroom and take your seat.

  • Get hot lunch when dismissed.

  • Eat your own lunch and do not share with others due to allergies.

  • Stay in seat.

  • Raise your hand to go to bathroom, get a drink, or get additional food items.

Children can earn Talon Tickets in the lunchroom, which are worth 3x the amount of the Talon Ticket in the classroom!  Talon Tickets are given for students who are caught being respectful, responsible and engaged.